How To Order

Our process of order and shipment is designed specifically to provide ease and security to all our customers.

The process starts from payment of initial deposit to gain access to the portal and bidding rights, continues with selection and order confirmation, payment of the invoice amount and delivery of the selected automobile at your requested port. The customers are kept aware of the advancements throughout the process to provide transparency and security.

Our Order Process

Our process is very simple, yet it is the fastest!


Select the vehicle of your choice through our website. Choose the make, model and accessories you want.

Once you have selected the vehicle, fill the form and click request information to ask for the quotation of the vehicle. If you are unsure of the import regulations of your country, our agent will guide you through the process.


After you confirm your selection, we will send you the initial payment invoice, which will be 50% of the total CNF amount.

The invoice will contain our banking details along with the name and specifications of your vehicle.


SKT Japan provides the most flexible payment options in the market. To proceed forward, you need to make the initial payment as per the invoice sent to you.

Please make sure you only remit the amount to the official account details mentioned in the invoice.

Payment Note: Please cover all banking transfer charges required for payment, so that we receive full payment for the unit purchased, as per the invoice.

Japan Bank Account:


After you deposit the initial amount as per the invoice, we will ship your vehicle to your desired Port of Discharge at the earliest.

Once the vehicle is on board, you can track your shipment, and prepare the documents for clearance.


Once your vehicle is shipped, you are required to complete the payment of the vehicle. You need to make a payment of the remaining 50% of the CNF price.

After complete payment is received, we will dispatch the original documents of ownership, to the address provided by you.


After the car is delivered, you need to get the vehicle cleared as per the laws of your country.

Now you can enjoy driving the car of your dreams!